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This Is How To Join Kenya Qatar Diaspora Sacco

- Fill the membership application form, attach a passport sized photograph and copy of the national ID/ passport.
- Pay Kshs 2,500 being membership fee. (100 QR) non refundable.
- Deposit the minimum share capital- currently Kshs 1,400.(60 QR)
* The kshs. 1,150 (50QR)is for development and the kshs. 230 (10 QR) is for the benevolent factor where the benevolent by laws will apply.(ie. For one to be eligible for the accessibility of the kshs. 46000 (2,000 QR) then, he or she has to be a member for at least four months and be active throughout. If by mistake he/she is not active the violation will take its course.) * - Commence monthly contribution to deposit to the sacco account given bellow.
- Members are requested to open Jamuhuri account with the Co-operative Bank in Kenya if they do not have Kenyan accounts for easy check of system to be effected in cash collection.( check with the office management or Google the If one has a bank he or she is banking with at home, get in touch with the bank and give your bank the Sacco account no. (Kenya Qatar Diaspora Sacco. Account no. 01158537125400 ) which the bank should be wiring the cash as per your project plan level if not the least monthly per share price as mentioned above.


Membership Shares

- Every member of the Sacco must make regularly contributions monthly as his or her shares.
- The shares are members savings hence one decides how much to regularly save.
- Shares are refundable when a member exits (withdraws) from the Sacco.
- Shares earn interest (dividends) as adopted by the AGM every year
-Shares determine the borrowing level (as a multiplier) and the guarantee level for a member


- Members can qualify to apply for loan after regular contribution for 6 months (Except for settlement loan).
- A member fills the loan application form provided and attaches the required documents.
- The forms are presented to the Sacco for loan processing.
- Qualification of the loan will be based on member’s deposits, ability to pay and security/ guarantors provided.
- The loan applications are accepted for the Sacco starting 30th November 2015 for those interested. As per there saving plan and the motive.

Communication And Statements

KQD SACCO communicates to the members through various modes which include
- email
- The Sacco notice board.
- Face book,
- Twitter,
- Whatsup,
- Instagram and Skype
Email is the most used communication. Members access online statements conveniently by logging to the statement portal on the Sacco website. Once a member joins the Sacco he/ she should request for the login credentials by writing to the Sacco via the email

Exiting the Sacco

- The withdrawal of a member from the Sacco is voluntary just like joining.
- To exit a member completes the provided withdrawal forms, attach the resignation letter and selects the preferred notice option.
- All liabilities due to the Sacco MUST to be cleared.
- Shares are refunded in full and share capital can be transferred to any preferred member.


- We currently have a membership of 3,000 and growing
- We have proactive members marketing the Kqd Sacco
- Good will and credibility in the community.

Benefits of Membership

- Loan products that will enable you to grow financially. There are also various savings products that help you save and invest wisely.
- The Sacco offers school fees loan payable within twelve months.
- Emergency loan payable within twelve months.
- Investment/development loan payable within twelve to 48 months.
- Dividends’ on the number of individual shares.
- Job opportunities to the qualified members.
- Education loan Emergency loan
- Settlement loan
- Savings plan
- Developmental loan (individual)
- Developmental (project loan)
- Devidends
- Job opportunities
- Benevolent Scheme.