At Kqd We Offer Our Members A Range Of Savings Products To Enable Them Accumalate Funds For Their Own Development


Terms of member shares

The minimum share contribution is set at Ksh. 2,000.00 only per month. The higher the share capital, the higher the returns on dividends.
The shares bought are only transferrable to another member but not withdrawable.

No member shall pledge his/her shares as collateral or security for a loan granted by the society.

Member Deposit

Non-Withdrawable Deposits

Members can deposit at-least Kshs. 2,000 on a monthly basis as their savings. The amount of savings accumalated with determine the maximum loan qualification for the members. The deposited amounts can be refunded only when amember withdraws from membership provided the member has fully paid all his/her debts and free from guarantee. 

Fixed Term Deposit

Withdrawable Deposits

A fixed  Terms  of deposits now available: 6 months and 12 months. The interest earned will be 12.5% for 6 months  and 25% for 12 months term.

Each active me is allowed to invest a minimum of Kshs.10,000 and Maximum of Kshs.100,000 in a month. i.e one individual is not allowed to invest more than Ksh.1.2 million in one financial year.

At the end of the fixed term selected (6 or 12), a member can access all his/ her money in full with interest. He/she is also free to re-invest anytime.