Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Where is the Head Office Located?
Answer :
The Head Office is located in Nairobi Kenya where members can get access to our services. That’s at the Ngara Shopping Complex, Ngara Road, Nairobi 1st floor room 5. The full operation in this office commenced on 20th November 2015. Part of the Management is based in Qatar and another in Nairobi, Kenya.

Q2.Where can i get membership application forms?
Answer :
1. To apply for membership download our membership form and take it to any KQD SACCO branch within your reach. You may also visit any of our branches for assistance in opening an account. Currently the Branches are the various area representatives that will handle your issues and hand over the scanned form to info@kqdsacco.com ( its diversify all over Doha Qatar with representatives in each and every given area.)
2. Download the forms on our website then fill and send back to the info@kqdsacco.com

Q3. What are benefits of joining the SACCO?
You will enjoy various loan products that will enable you to grow financially. There are also various savings products that help you save and invest wisely.
- The Sacco offers Education loan payable within twelve months.
- Emergency loan payable within twelve months.
- Investment / development loan payable within twelve to 48 months.
- Settlement Loans to qualified members
- Savings Plan.
- Benevolent Scheme.
- Dividends’ on the number of individual shares.
- Job opportunities.
- LPO Financing
- Asset Financing.

Q4.What security measures has the Sacco put in place to ensure it is stable and competitive?
The Board and Management are managing the Sacco as per the Co-operative societies ACT, Rules and Sacco By –Laws. The Sacco has implemented the use of Corporate Governance and Code of Ethics hence stability is guaranteed. The Sacco holds AGM’S yearly where reports and accounts are presented to the members.

Q5. What’s share capital?
This is the money invested in the Sacco by shareholders. This is the long term source of their investments.

Q6.If I don’t have any bank account in Kenya will I be allowed to be depositing on the kqdsacco account…??
The answer is YES, as long as you have any of our kqdsacco account no. you can send through which ever means after filling the membership form and sending it to the management for approval from our website.

Q7. Is it a must that all members must have a specific bank account?
The answer is NO you can operate even without an account but in whichever bank you will be in since the expenses involved are the ones that are making us to ensure that you are not incurring more expenses… rather… spend less amount as low as possible.

Q 8.What duration should an individual take to be eligible to get a loan ?
The answer is…. as long as you are a member consistently saving for the past six months. The issuance of loans are on going from our office in Nairobi Kenya. (All necessary transactions will be posted in our website which will be available for members and transparent to all.)

Q9.What duration has the current management put in place for the loan processing…?
The answer is… within a maximum of one week as long as an individual certifies the requirements of the loan issuance.

Q10.How long should one be a member of the kqdSacco for him to be a beneficiary of the Sacco benevolent section ?
The answer is…One MUST be a member for atleast 4 months and fully active for the last 3 months to the day him/her loosing the beloved one.
-If you save consistently for the last three months then you are entitled to 2,000QR.
-If you fail to save for one month then you are entitled to 1,500QR.
-If you fail to save for two months then you are entitled to 1,000QR.
-Should you fail to save for the past the three months then you are NOT entitled to this benefit. (benovelent)
NOTE: This is to let every member be actively saving by the 15th day of every month for the Sacco to have money.

Q11.What’s the importance of the kqdSacco loan in comparison with the bank loan …?
The answer is…The kqdSacco will offer at an interest rate of as low as 1-12% unlike banks which offer you with over 17%.