Savings Products

At KQD we offer our members a range of savings products to enable them accumalate funds for their own development...


Non-Withdrawable Deposits

The minimum share contribution is set at Ksh. 1,200.00 only per month. The higher the share capital, the higher the returns on dividends.
The shares bought are only transferrable to another member but not withdrawable.

Member Deposit

Withdrawable Deposits

Members ca deposit any amount of money as their savings. The amount of savings accumalated with determine the maximum loan qualification for the members. The deposited amounts can be withdraw on demand.

Burial Benovelent Fund

Member Send off

Every member contributes Ksh. 200.00 each month towards the benovelend fund scheme. Burial Benovelent Fund give to the family of the believed members to aid in the preparations for the send off of the member.